Sea Change Ocean Literacy event to be held at the Nisa Marathon in the Czech Republic

Sea Change third party iQLandia is organising a Sea Change event as part of the 17th Nisa Marathon, an annual canoe race on the river Nisa in Liberec, the Czech Republic on 3 June 2017. The event’s tradition and past success will bring a large number of participants and visitors.

A communication stand will be set up near the finishing line and they will be demonstrating experiments to show to the connection between humans and nature. iQLandia will engage participants and the audience, focusing on the connection of inner water ways and the ocean by pointing out interlinked aspects of hydrology. iQLandia will also highlight the importance of having a healthy ocean even for inland countries by communicating the ways in which the oceans support the quality of human life.

iQLandia will also organise a pop-up exhibition displaying the level of change that has occurred over the last several decades and how has the river landscape transformed. During the day, a raft crew of Sea Change team will a cleaning the banks of the river and materials collected will be used to create a “work of art”.

Sea Change will be also present at the final ceremony where winners of the canoe race will be announced. Sport enthusiasts and water sports will feed their ideas into the event planning and take an active part in promoting environmentally responsible behavior during a preparatory workshop.

The activities will not be shut down until the last crew in the marathon reach the finish line. iQLANDIA staff will even participate in the race so hopefully we don’t have to camp overnight waiting for them.


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