Youth Camp Teaches Teenagers of the Importance of Ocean Health

DIY toothpaste workshop16Sea Change third party AHHAA held a youth camp for teenagers from Estonia, Germany and Argentina in Tartu, Estonia from 22 - 24 March 2017.

The course brought together 15 young people and instructors who stayed in the middle of one of the largest South Estonian wetlands for two and a half days to learn about the importance of water and the health of the ocean. Fun and engaging workshops included making DIY Sea Change toothpaste to avoid microplastics, dissecting fish to learn more about the creatures that inhabit the ocean, making wallets from juice cartons to encourage recycling and learning about oil spill clean-up.

IMG 0967Helin Haga from AHHAA who organised the event said: “Since talking about environmental protection in formal lecture-type settings can be difficult for teenagers to relate, we decided to hold a science camp where we take the youngsters out of town to a wetland where they could experience the effect of human activities on water first-hand.”

The teenagers also had the opportunity to learn rescue skills in icy water from the Estonian Maritime Rescue Organisation. All the lessons given over the course of the camp were framed with information generated by the Sea Change project and children were encouraged to check the project website for more information and materials and to take action to protect the ocean after the event. The participants’ feedback indicated that the youngsters plan on sharing the knowledge gained with the friends and family and will start paying more attention to how their daily consuming habits influence the ocean.

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