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The Sea Change consortium consists of 17 partners from nine different countries, coordinated by the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. This consortium, which comprises nine public research organisations, one SME, five non profit organisations and two higher education institutions, brings together selected experts to collectively provide the knowledge, competence, skills and facilities needed for ensuring a good project development, the achievement of project objectives and the successful delivery of project results.

Sea Change also has an International Advisory Group (IAG) which is an independent body consisting of selected high level experts drawn from a range of stakeholder communities, who have knowledge and experience of Ocean Literacy and scientific public engagement. These Key US, Canadian and EU external stakeholders will share knowledge, provide guidance and feedback to the work package structures within Sea Change throughout the course of the project.

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Contact Person: Dr. Manel Gazo
Role: Project partner

SUBMON provides environmental services for the conservation, study and awareness of the marine environment, offering a comprehensive array in the development of projects related to the conservation and management of the marine environment. SUBMON is made up of a multidisciplinary team of specialists and professionals. SUBMON has advised and acted for different national and international public administrations, companies, research institutes and education centres, offering maximum quality in all the projects. Marine stewardship agreements are a key innovative methodology developed by SUBMON where different stakeholders (government, municipalities, local fishing companies, sailing and diving clubs) and end users of marine areas (multi-actor approach) are involved in their conservation via long term binding commitment and contribution with conservation, monitoring and management actions. SUBMON promotes the use of marine stewardship in partnership with Catalan and Spanish nature stewardship networks, and wishes to further extend this methodology across Europe.

Key Personnel Involved:

Manuel GazoDr. Manel Gazo is currently Director of Submon® and Associate Professor at the Animal Biology department of the University of Barcelona. He obtained his PhD in 2002 studying the biology of the Mediterranean Monk seal and its implication on the conservation of the most endangered marine mammal of EU. For the past 15 years, his professional experience has been developed around three main areas: coordination of conservation programs, studies on the protection of marine endangered habitats and species and team-building of environmental organizations. He has around 50 publications on research and conservation studies related to marine environment and species.

MariLuzMariluz Parga is in charge of international projects in Submon®. She holds a Degree in Veterinary Medicine, an MSc in Wildlife Medicine (University of London) and a Residency in Wildlife Medicine and Conservation (Edinburgh University). She is an IUCN-SSC Wildlife Health specialist, and has seventeen years of experience working in international settings, both in Europe and Latin America. Over the past eleven years she has specialized in the conservation and study of marine environment, working both for national and international organizations. She is the veterinary assessor for the Ecopacifico Sea Turtle Bycatch Reduction Program, working together with fishermen, fishery observers and governments in the reduction of bycatch of marine turtles and related mortality, and has been involved in the production of awareness and training material for the fishing sector.

Carla A ChicoteCarla Alvarez holds a degree in Agriculture Engineering from the University of Barcelona, an MSc in Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Management (University of Queensland) and another one in Oceanography (University of Barcelona). After working eight years in communication and awareness projects in her own consultancy and in a marine conservation Foundation, she currently works as Head of Projects in Submon®, specializing in the areas of cetacean conservation and study and acoustics. For the past 5 years she has also been in charge of a long-term project of citizen participation in the conservation of a marine area North of Barcelona through actions of marine stewardship.

Jordi SanchezJordi Sanchez has eleven years’ experience working in the marine environment, carrying out studies and research projects mainly directed towards improvement of Management Plans in protected areas. He holds a Degree in Biological Sciences and a Diploma in Management and Conservation of Protected Areas, both from the University of Barcelona. He is currently Head of Projects in Submon®, working mainly towards the conservation and management of underwater ecosystems and species, awareness and participation of citizens of coastal communities, and production of underwater video and photography.


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