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The Sea Change consortium consists of 17 partners from nine different countries, coordinated by the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. This consortium, which comprises nine public research organisations, one SME, five non profit organisations and two higher education institutions, brings together selected experts to collectively provide the knowledge, competence, skills and facilities needed for ensuring a good project development, the achievement of project objectives and the successful delivery of project results.

Sea Change also has an International Advisory Group (IAG) which is an independent body consisting of selected high level experts drawn from a range of stakeholder communities, who have knowledge and experience of Ocean Literacy and scientific public engagement. These Key US, Canadian and EU external stakeholders will share knowledge, provide guidance and feedback to the work package structures within Sea Change throughout the course of the project.

International Advisory Group



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Contact Person: Karl Donert
Role: Project Partner

EUROGEO is a European scientific society, which networks geographers from all walks of life. The Association is a not-for-profit organisation, with participatory status in the Council of Europe, which aims to:

• research, develop, support and promote policies designed to advance the status of Geography
• establish and promote cross-border cooperation
• promote education and training in Geography from a European perspective
• represent nationally and internationally the views of its members

To achieve this goal, the activities of the Association include:
• organising events and activities
• producing publications
• undertaking research
• supporting geographers in their jobs and careers
• supporting the teaching of geography
• identifying and promoting good practise
• cooperating with the European Commission, Council of Europe and other relevant organisations;
• lobbying at European and where relevant national level providing a forum for the discussion of matters of common interest to geographers
• giving advice on geography
• making recommendations to decision makers

EUROGEO is a membership organisation, with members located in almost all European countries and internationally. The association has experience and considerable expertise in international project development, project management, research, dissemination, evaluation and reporting.

Key Personnel Involved:

Karl DonertKarl Donert is President of EUROGEO, a leading voice in geographical education in Europe. Karl was coordinator of the HERODOT Project on Bologna and teaching Geography in higher education. In 2005, he was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship, the highest teaching honour in the UK. He has been a member of the Education group at the Council of Europe and is involved in innovative programmes and projects there. He is a consultant to many leading geographical and educational organisations. He has expertise in the coordination and management of international projects.


Luc ZwartjesLuc Zwartjes has been a teacher of geography since 1986. From 1999 until 2011 he was part-time inservice teacher-trainer, specialized in the technical and educational use of ICT in the geography curriculum, with emphasis on e-learning, geographical information (GI), GIS and digital photo & video. From 2011 on he works half-time as a researcher and pre-service teacher trainer at the geography department Ghent University where he is continuing to work in specialist areas including the use of statistical information in teacher education and training. In the content of his courses citizen science has become an important source of activity and his work related to pedagogical uses of data and information. He is also Chairman of the Flemish Geography Teachers Association (VLA), a member of the iGeo Task Force, responsible for organizing the International geo Olympiad (for the IGU – International Geographical Union). In 2008 he was awarded a Fellowship by the University of Louvain.



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