The Centre for Development and Sustainable Fisheries (CeDePesca), an NGO working for sustainable fisheries in Latin America and a member of the World Ocean Network (Sea Change partner), organised a photography contest to celebrate World Ocean’s Day, held on on 8 June 2017. The idea behind the competition was to promote the importance of a healthy ocean in all our lives.

Photography professionals and amateurs from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru submitted more than 200 images of fishing in Latin America, with an emphasis on sustainable fishing practices.

Alejandra Cornejo, from CeDePesca said: “Promoting sustainable fishing is essential as our ocean is an incredible resource for future as well as current generations. We were delighted to receive such a large number of photographs showing the enthusiasm of the photographers to provide insights into fishing from their point of view. It is a hopeful sign that the world is full of people who are betting on a sustainable future, with healthy oceans for the enjoyment of all.”

The entries were judged by Francisco J Franco del Amo (President of the World Ocean Network), Tomas Rehacek (ECSITE Project Manager) and Florencia Viñuela (CeDePesca communications manager). The winners were awarded with cameras and photographic accessories.

All the winning photographs can be viewed here:, and below is a list of the winners by country.


1st place: María Soledad Pereira, Buenos Aires Argentina
2nd place: Mabel Ortega, Buenos Aires, Argentina
3rd place: Mabel Ortega, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Special mention: Mabel Ortega, Buenos Aires, Argentina


1st place: Claudio Vieira Rocha, Belo Horizonte,
2nd place: Thiago Pedro Malkowski, Florianópolis, Brazi
3rd place: Rodrigo Sá de Lima, Salvador, Brazil
Special mention: Giancarlo Giannelli, São Paulo, Brazil


1st place: Manuela Turkieltaub del Fierro, Santiago, Chile
2nd place: Héctor Ponce González, Santiago, Chile
3rd place: Claudio Marcelo Alonso Jirón, Santiago, Chile
Special mention: Claudio Marcelo Alonso Jirón, Santiago, Chile


1st place: Roberto Reynoso Arán, Mexico City, Mexico
2nd place: Roberto Reynoso Arán, Mexico City, Mexico
3rd place: Pedro Medina Rosas, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Special mention: Alejandra Monserrat Morales Marín, Mexico City, Mexico


1st place: Alfredo Parra Prieto, Lima, Peru
2nd place: Alfredo Parra Prieto, Lima, Peru
3rd place: Willy Alejandro Hernández Chinarro, Ica, Peru
Special mention: Evely Kuchenbecker Carbonell, Lima, Peru


ARGENTINA 1 original

First prize winner, Argentina - La Hora Dorada (The Golden Hour)


BRASIL 1 original

First prize winner, Brazil – Trabajo de todos los días 3 (Everyday Work 3)


CHILE 1 original

First prize winner, Chile – Pescador Surrealista (Surreal Fisherman)


MXICO 1 original

First prize winner, Mexico – Flor de Agua, Mujer pescadorade la Ribera (Flower of Water, Woman fisherman of the Ribera)


PER 1 original

First prize winner, Peru  - Buenas sociedades (Good Societies)

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