Estonian Science Centre to hold a youth camp on marine sports and environmental protection

AHHAA posterEstonian Science Centre AHHAA is organising a youth camp on the theme of marine sports and environmental protection at the beginning of January 2017. The camp will be held on a floating raft house complex near one of the largest lakes in Europe, Lake Peipus with some activities possibly taking place on the lake. Since the Baltic Sea that borders Estonia to the West has very low salinity (approx. 8-10‰) and is therefore not rich in different species, its ecological conditions are similar to those of Lake Peipus, making the lake a perfect location for the youth camp activities.

The aim of the event is to draw attention to the connection between humans and the water environment and show the similarities between Lake Peipus and the Baltic Sea. Moreover, the activities to be carried out in the camp will introduce different aspects of water safety via real exercises in the cold water and will encourage the participants to become more ocean literate in their everyday behaviour.

Sea Change will be presented in different activities, such as in discussion games (e.g. Play DECIDE) in which we will be using Sea Change factsheets. The hazards of human behaviour on marine organisms will be demonstrated and discussed in the hands-on fish necropsy workshop to be carried out. Sport enthusiasts will feed in their ideas and viewpoints into the event planning and take an active part in promoting environmentally responsible behaviour during our activities by carrying out the safety exercises in the water as some of the members of the Estonian Rescue Board are also active in water sports.

The webpage for the event is available at:

Date: 3-5 January 2017