Sea Change Results


The project's public results are uploaded here once they become available. For all media results, please see the Media Centre.

Work Package 1: Sea Change Fundamentals: Baseline Review

Deliverable 1.1 Ocean Literacy Animation and Booklet

Deliverable 1.2 Human Health and the Ocean Factsheets

Work Package 2: Social Innovation Participation Processes (SIPPS)

Deliverable 2.1 Review of the ways of achieving societal change

Deliverable 2.3 A Sea Change OL Guiding Principles Collaborative Learning Workshop

Work Package 3: Mobilisation Education and Lifelong Learning

Deliverable 3.1 Review of marine formal education

Deliverable 3.4 Online Directory of Good Practice

Work Package 4: Mobilisation - where society and science meet

Deliverable 4.1 Review of routes of engagement between citizens and Ocean Literacy

Work Package 5: Mobillisation- Marine Governance

Deliverable 5.1 Review of Ocean Literacy in Governance

Work Package 7: Dissemination and Communication

Deliverable 7.1 Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

Deliverable 7.3 Project Branding Resources

Work Package 8: Impact Evaluation

Deliverable 8.1 Collective Impact Assessment Framework

Work Package 9: Project Management

Deliverable 9.4 Gender Indicators and Action Plan